Coronation Street legend Beverley Callard probed by HMRC over £100,000 tax bill

Beverley Callard -Credit:David Thompson/FilmMagic
Beverley Callard -Credit:David Thompson/FilmMagic

Coronation Street star Beverley Callard is being scrutinised by HMRC over an unpaid tax bill amounting to £100,000. The actress's company, which was established to manage her earnings post-Coronation Street, entered voluntary liquidation last year with a debt of £101,554 in tax and VAT owed to HMRC.

The firm, JMBJ Limited, also saw Beverley and her husband Jon McEwan failing to repay director's loans totalling £114,000.

Administrators are now delving into the company's dealings, including the couple's non-repayment of the loans.

Further investigations have been launched into Beverley's inability to settle the tax liabilities. Liquidators have disclosed in recent documents that neither the loans nor the tax dues have been repaid by the directors.

They stated: "We carried out an initial review of the company's affairs, including seeking information and explanations from the directors by means of questionnaires, making enquiries of the company's accountants, examining company bank statements and other records.", reports the Mirror.

"This initial assessment revealed matters that the liquidators considered merited further investigation in relation to the director's loans. As a result, the liquidators have undertaken further reviews. They are making enquiries with the directors in relation to the outstanding balance owed."

"Insufficient funds have been realised to allow a distribution to creditors at this stage. Due to the ongoing investigations, it is currently uncertain whether there will be sufficient funds for a distribution to creditors."

Coronation Street's Bill Roache, who plays Ken Barlow, is currently battling a £546,000 tax bill.

Beverley Callard, who portrayed Liz McDonald in the ITV soap from 1989 until 2020, spoke candidly about her decision to leave the show last year.

During an appearance on the podcast How to be 60, Bev shared her thoughts on the changes she noticed over the years.

She said: "I just felt that the scripts weren't what they used to be. I'm trying to be diplomatic."

When asked if she managed to exit before becoming disheartened and uninspired by the role, she responded: "I wasn't miserable; it's difficult to put into words. But years ago, we used to get the scripts, and you'd open them and think, 'Oh my goodness, this is amazing. I cannot believe I'm going to be filming this! ' and then for me, well, first of all, they didn't write for me as much because I was older, and that really got to me."

A statement issued by Beverley Callard's spokesperson read: "Many of these details are incorrect but due to the fact that Jon and I are in a legal dispute, sadly I cannot speak about it at this time - but when it is resolved, and it will be, I will talk about it and look forward to setting the record straight."