Coronation Street: Max puts Roy in serious danger

Episode 11,216 – 11,217 | Airs Monday 18 March 2024 at 20:00 on ITV1

In the café, an internet sleuth listens as Roy tells Nina and Yasmeen that he has been asked to go back to the police station to be interviewed.

After hearing David and Shona speculating over whether Lauren's dad's far right group could be involved, Max decides to secretly pay Reece a visit in prison and tells him how Roy is wrongly suspected of Lauren's murder when all he did was clean the flat for her.

Later in the café, Roy finds himself alone, apart from two dodgy men sitting at a table. When one of them gets up and locks the door, Roy realises he's in danger.

Meanwhile, Amy convinces Steve that it's best if she tells Tracy about Tommy's move to Spain. In the Rovers, Steve can't help himself and breaks the news to Tracy that Tommy has accepted a job as football coach in Spain. Did she know?

Steve suggests to Tracy that with Tommy out of the way, they could give their marriage another go.

Elsewhere, despite things still being frosty between them and Ches sleeping on the sofa, Gemma and Chesney put on a brave face and visit Oakhill with Linda and Joseph. But it is clear something is bothering Joseph.

Also today, Simon's pleased to see Nick and Leanne getting on well. When Leanne reveals that Rowan gave her some sound advice, Simon suggests she joins him for the next Institute. Rowan's delighted to see her again.

In the hotel bar, Leanne and Simon compliment Rowan on his seminar. Rowan basks in their flattery and tells them he hopes to see them again. Leanne enthuses to Nick about the seminar and how she found it inspirational.

Finally, when Sean admits that he hasn't told Violet anything about Dylan's predicament, Eileen's horrified and points out that she has a right to know. Eileen puts pressure on Sean to call Violet, but Dylan reveals that he's already spoken to his mum and she can't attend the court hearing as she's in Ibiza. Is he telling the truth?

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