Coronation Street reprieve for one character as Stephen nearly kills again

Coronation Street tonight (March 20) revealed Carla's fate as killer Stephen almost struck again — with Rufus in his sights.

Previously, Stephen had been drugging Carla with LSD, which caused her to have paranoia and act out of character. Stephen snuck into Carla's home having drugged her and turned on the grill as Carla slept.

A fire soon engulfed the flat and would have killed Carla — if it were not for Roy Cropper saving her. It was then revealed in Monday's episodes that Carla did indeed survive the attempted murder.

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Stephen faced more trouble in Monday's episodes as an enraged Peter accused the factory staff of backstabbing Carla after he found out Stephen was in charge of the factory.

Stephen, having secured the US client, was about to sign the American contract when Rufus showed up and demanded exclusivity to Nippersnapper. Rufus blackmailed Stephen, warning him that if he didn't agree, he'd tell everyone what Stephen had done to Carla.

"I’ll tell your workforce just why their lady boss has been acting so weird lately. Your choice. Let me know when it’s done," Rufus said.

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Stephen saw red and grabbed a hole punch, raising it above his head to strike the unaware Rufus. However, Michael entered just as he was about to hit Rufus. Stephen lowered the hole punch just in time and Rufus left soon after, safe — for now.

Rufus told Stephen he looked forward to hearing his decision as he left.

Later, Stephen sat in his office drinking, clearly in distress. Reluctantly, he tore up the American contract and launched the hole punch he almost used to hit Rufus with at the wall. He poured himself another drink as he stewed in his anger.

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