Coronation Street reveals Roy Cropper's fate after arrest

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Tonight's (March 15) episode of Coronation Street revealed Roy Cropper's fate following his shocking arrest.

Roy has recently become a suspect in Lauren Bolton's disappearance case, after the Weatherfield stalwart was one of the last people to see the teen after cleaning her flat.

The episode began with Carla and Nina telling Roy about the trolling comments he'd received online, before the pair warned him not to do another appeal as it would only land him more unwanted attention.

Suzi from the Gazette then arrived at the café hoping to film a new appeal, before DS Swain interrupted to arrest Roy on suspicion of Lauren's murder.

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"You're arresting an innocent person," cried Carla as Roy was escorted into a police car.

At the police station, Swain questioned Roy about his relationship with Lauren and revealed that remnants of her blood had been traced in her flat.

As the police officer detailed Lauren's sex work and involvement in O-Vidz, Roy admitted that he wasn't surprised after the teen previously made a pass at him — before confirming he would never hurt her.

"I wouldn't attack Lauren, I wouldn't attack anyone. I'm not a violent person," he said, as Swain continued to quiz him on his involvement in Lauren's mysterious disappearance.

carla connor, roy cropper, nina, suki,coronation street

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After the interview, Swain announced that she was releasing Roy on bail, but he would be put on curfew and asked to report to the police station weekly.

"Can they do that when I've done nothing wrong, make me a prisoner in my own home?" a horrified Roy asked Dee-Dee.

Roy then returned home and got Carla and Nina up to speed, with the video of his arrest making waves online. "This too shall pass," he said, as Dee-Dee admitted to Carla that she had seen "people go down for less."

Will Roy be able to prove his innocence?

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