Coronation Street: Shock Murder Stuns Fans As Evil Phelan Kills Andy

Coronation Street officially lost all chill last night as much-loved character Andy was brutally murdered by Pat Phelan.

Fans were left agog as shortly after murdering Andy and bundling him into the back of his van, the backstabbing character then marched off to marry Eileen Grimshaw - running a bit late obviously, due to the recently-committed murder and what not.

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Phelan then took to the altar with his shoes caked in mud – and with fans left guessing where he’s hidden Andy’s body.

Andy’s death came about after Phelan, played by actor Connor McIntyre, caught the barman trying to record him making a confession.

After a fight broke out, Andy, played by actor Oliver Farnworth, hit Phelan over the head with a laptop- but not hard enough.

When the fighting subsides, Andy pleads for his life – before Phelan spots the discarded laptop and decides to silence Andy forever.

“You know that story  you were writing? About the bad guy that gets his comeuppance?” he told Andy, brandishing the computer.

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“Well, I’ve just thought of a new ending” - and then with one fell swoop finished Andy off for good.

Who knew laptops were that heavy?

Speaking about his final scenes, Oliver said: “Obviously Michael was Phelan’s first victim inadvertently as far as the fact that he didn’t help him, he left him there! So Andy goes up against him to avenge Michael’s death and he does his best, he tries! But I feel honoured to be on the list of Phelan’s victims and one of his first.”

“It was bittersweet because as much as no one likes to leave any lovely job with amazing people, when the storylines were pitched to me I thought, “What a great challenge, what a way to go.”

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“Corrie has been amazing and when I filmed my last scene in The Rovers it all got a bit emotional. I will miss the job, I will miss the work but on the flipside I will miss the Coronation Street family the most and I will always carry those memories of great times with me.”