Coronation Street spoilers next week as character left for dead, icon leaves and a secret uncovered

Bethany Platt, Daniel Osbourne and Nathan Curtis in Coronation Street
Bethany Platt, Daniel Osbourne and Nathan Curtis in Coronation Street -Credit:ITV

The drama is only ramping up in Coronation Street next week with one character left for dead and another confessing a secret to their shocked partner.

Starting with one of those two storylines and Gemma Winter-Brown realises mum Bernie Winter has been lying about her whereabouts and asks Dev Alahan to do some digging. Later, Dev confronts Bernie, who crumbles, admitting she had another son, Zodiac - known as Zac for short - who was taken into care. He was later adopted, changed his name to Christopher Green and she’s now determined to find him.

Having set about her search, Bernie tells Dev that there’s one more Christopher Green on her list and she’s going to pay him a visit. But when she discovers he died of cancer, Bernie knocks back the drink, fearing she’s missed the chance to find her son.

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Meanwhile, Steve McDonald reads an article about Weatherfield County’s plans to honour Tommy Orpington by commissioning a bust of him. Steve meets with Demi and proceeds to slag off Tommy and when Demi enquires why he hates him so much, Steve spills the beans about Tracy’s affair.

Steve shows Tim some pics from Tracy’s socials of her paragliding over the Med with Tommy leaving him feeling sorry for his mate. Later, when Tim reveals that Steve’s girlfriend, Demi, is an estate agent in Hale Barns, Sally’s in awe and immediately lifts the friendship ban. She's then thrilled when Steve invites her and Tim to join them for dinner.

Also, A downcast Kevin Webster admits to sister Debbie that work has dried up at the garage. Later, when Max Turner shows Kevin and Abi the mock-up of the new website and explains that if they want him to go ahead it will cost £1000. Kevin refuses to pay out. As Kevin later scans the Weathy County chat forum on his son Jack’s laptop, something catches his eye leaving him rattled. And, Paul Foreman has his last meal before having his feeding tube fitted.

Bernie tries to find her son -Credit:ITV
Bernie tries to find her son -Credit:ITV

Elsewhere, Dee-Dee Bailey takes a call from the CPS informing her that they have some news regarding missing Lauren Bolton's phone messages. Dee-Dee later tells Carla Connor and Nina Lucas about the messages which have come to light and following Nathan's return and her new theory that he must be involved in the teen's disappearance and suspected murder, Bethany listens, her mind a whirl.

She then inveigles her way into the solicitors and locates Lauren’s file on Dee-Dee’s desk. Later, Bethany quizzes PC Craig Tinker about Nathan’s alibi and when Craig lets slip that Nathan was with his girlfriend and she works at a nail bar in town, Bethany points out that he was running a tanning salon when he groomed her.

Sarah Barlow, meanwhile, confides in Gary Windass that she’s worried about Bethany as she’s become fixated on trying to pin Lauren’s murder on Nathan. As Daniel Osbourne and Bethany head out, they’re shocked to be confronted by Nathan, who rails at Bethany for harassing his girlfriend.

Then, in the Rovers, Sarah, Gary and Platt discuss Nathan and agree that something has to be done before he ruins Bethany’s life all over again. Soon, on the building site, Nathan’s packing up as a hooded figure approaches and strikes him over the head and he collapses unconscious.

Nathan is attacked -Credit:ITV
Nathan is attacked -Credit:ITV

Later, as Bethany mulls over who Nathan’s attacker might be, Shona Platt quizzes David about the stain on his jeans and is not convinced by his story. David assures Bethany and Sarah he’s innocent but they’re interrupted by Shona brandishing the tracking app on David’s phone which proves he was at the building site when Nathan was attacked.

Also on the cobbles, Toyah Habeeb finds a forum for ex-members of the Altovalent Institute. She tries to show sister Leanne Battersby a post she’s seen, suggesting that the Institute is not to be trusted, only to discover it’s been taken down for legal reasons.

Leanne’s dismissive but calls Rowan who makes out that his bitter ex wrote it and there’s no truth in her words. When Rowan reveals that he’s been promoted to head of the North-West division and offers her a tour of the Institute, leaving Leanne flattered.

Later, Leanne explains to Simon Barlow that she met a guy called Jared at the Institute who’d be happy to help him set up his food delivery app and Toyah listens in. But when Simon reveals that Jared’s agreed to meet him and he’ll need to borrow some money, Leanne’s delighted, while Toyah reckons it’s another scam.

Leanne is set to leave Weatherfield -Credit:ITV
Leanne is set to leave Weatherfield -Credit:ITV

Soon, Toyah studies Rowan’s page and copies a number into her phone. Toyah meets with Rowan’s ex, Una and explains how her sister has become embroiled in the Institute and she’s worried she might be in danger.

Later, as Leanne leaves for the retreat, Toyah begs her to reconsider, but Leanne refuses. Simon’s hurt to find she’s gone without saying goodbye. Having bunked off work, Simon proceeds to get drunk, before throwing up in Tim Metcalfe's cab and doing a runner without paying.