Coronation Street spoilers as soap confirms Lauren Bolton's killer in 'climactic week of episodes'

Lauren Bolton in Coronation Street
Lauren Bolton in Coronation Street -Credit:ITV

Coronation Street has confirmed Lauren Bolton's killer is set to be revealed in a 'climatic week of episodes'. Will Roy Cropper finally be found innocent? Or will he face life imprisonment for a crime he didn't commit?

Next week, the ITV soap will air over five nights instead of the usual three, something fans have gotten used to in late May with a dramatic week usually planned to coincide with the live semi-final shows of Britain's Got Talent.

It comes as the show hints that the truth will be revealed in the case of missing Lauren. The teen was last seen in Weatherfield on February 23 after being sacked from her job at Roy's Rolls by Roy. The cafe owner later visited her with her wages and some extra cash to tide her over.

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But soon after, the teen was visited at home by a mystery person who viewers never got to see and she hasn't been seen in Weatherfield since as new love interest and Carla Connor's nephew Bobby found her flat unlocked and eerily empty.

Bobby did report Lauren as missing to the police but it wasn't until Sean Tully was viewing the flat and revealed he'd spotted blood on the curtains the case really began into her disappearance. And when the blood was confirmed as being Lauren's, the missing person case became a murder probe.

Since then, Roy has been charged with Lauren's murder and having been refused bail, is awaiting trial in Weatherfield nick. But Daniel Osbourne has also found himself being questioned over Lauren's disappearance before Nathan Curtis' return sent Bethany Platt on a whole new trail of finding Lauren - whether that be dead or alive.

In Corrie next week, with Roy remanded in custody, awaiting trial for Lauren’s murder, the pressure is mounting both on the man himself and those trying to prove his innocence. While friends and family who know him are convinced that Roy Cropper is innocent, others certainly aren’t.

Roy Cropper is currently the main suspect in Lauren Bolton's case -Credit:ITV
Roy Cropper is currently the main suspect in Lauren Bolton's case -Credit:ITV

And when far-right activist Griff lands back in Weatherfield Prison, he takes it upon himself to try and force a confession out of Roy. Griff is out for blood and it soon becomes clear that Roy is in grave danger.

Meanwhile, Bethany is convinced that Nathan is to blame for Lauren’s murder. Her daughter at breaking point, Sarah takes a bold move to try and get rid of Bethany’s sex offender ex for good. But when she’s caught in the act is Sarah in trouble? Or will the police find evidence of their own which puts Nathan in the frame?

In a climactic week of episodes, stripped across five nights, we’ll see Carla and Bobby on the wrong side of the law, facing charges for perverting the course of justice. But just as it looks like DS Swain and Kit are about to crack the case, the audience will be hit with a bolt out of the blue as a new piece of evidence reveals who Lauren’s killer really is! Have the police got their man in Nathan or is a predator still at large?