Coronation Street spoilers - terrifying collapse and Lauren's boyfriend uncovered

Coronation Street will air some big scenes next week when one resident is rushed to hospital whilst Lauren's mystery boyfriend looks set to be exposed by the discovery of a necklace
Corrie next week will see a scary dash to the hospital and the reveal of Lauren's boyfriend -Credit:ITV

Next week's Coronation Street spoilers from ITV reveal a terrifying hospital dash and the reveal of Lauren's boyfriend.

The upcoming episodes will see one resident collapsing in shocking scenes. In the midst of Roy Cropper's arrest drama, his situation worsens in prison as he awaits trial. Meanwhile, the mystery surrounding Lauren deepens, with the police still unable to identify her attacker - who may also be her killer.

In other developments, Steve appears poised to find new love after Tracy's decision to leave him. There's also a fresh twist in the Paul Foreman storyline, as his mother Bernie conceals a massive secret - but what is she hiding from her children?

Shock collapse

Nina Lucas [MOLLIE GALLAGHER] explains to the prison officer that shes waiting for Roy Cropper [DAVID NEILSON] and as the officer lets himself into Roys cell, he finds him collapsed on the floor.
Roy is found collapsed in his cell -Credit:ITV

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, Roy Cropper collapses next week. This week, he attempts to contact Nina through the cafe, but when Carla receives the call, she abruptly hangs up and rushes out, , reports the Mirror.

Roy is evidently having a hard time in prison, and once more, he experiences a flashback of Lauren approaching the cafe counter with Max. But what significance does this conversation hold, and what is he trying to recall?

An interruption leaves Roy frustrated and unable to continue his train of thought. Bobby informs Carla that Roy must have remained silent about the false statement to the police, while an anxious Nina waits for Roy in the visiting room.

When he fails to appear, she informs the guard of her expectation and the officer enters Roy's cell only to find him collapsed on the floor. He is immediately rushed to hospital, clearly struggling with the ongoing situation.

Lauren update

Roy is convinced there's something significant about a conversation between Max and Lauren he needs to recall. As he lies in the hospital, Mary pays him a visit and encourages him to keep pondering over it in hopes it'll come back to him.

He remembers being in the cafe with Max and Lauren, overhearing their discussion about something important, but he can't quite recollect what it was. Could this be the key for Roy to get out of jail?

Nina discloses the police intend to film a reconstruction of Lauren's last known movements in the cafe. Amy proposes mentioning it on her radio show to increase awareness of the upcoming event.

In the meantime, Roy contacts Dee-Dee from prison, suggesting if they can locate Lauren's necklace, they might be able to identify her secret boyfriend. Will they manage to discover who she was seeing, and consequently, who is accountable?

New arrival

A disbelieving Denny [DANNY CUNNINGHAM] follows Bernie Winter [JANE HAZLEGROVE] up to the flat where Gemma Winter-Brown [DOLLY-ROSE CAMPBELL] and Paul Foreman [PETER ASH] are shocked to see their Dad. When Denny remarks that Paul looks great for someone that’s supposedly dead, Bernie freezes in horror.
Denny shows up on the Cobbles -Credit:ITV

Paul faces trouble next week when his father Denny shows up on the Cobbles. Paul participates in a radio interview with Amy, discussing motor neurone disease and society's disregard for disability. However, as he becomes passionate, he unintentionally uses profanity.

Later in the week, Paul, Billy and Gemma are astounded by the overwhelming support for their MND crowdfunder. Bernie is taken aback when a man approaches her, having heard Paul on the radio, unaware of his son's situation.

She fabricates a story that Paul has already passed away, but Denny is sceptical and accompanies her upstairs to find a surprised Gemma and Paul. When Denny comments on how well Paul looks for someone supposedly deceased, Bernie is left speechless.

It's evident Bernie is concealing something and fears Denny might expose her past. Paul invites Denny to watch a film at the flat, and Billy leaves them alone reluctantly. Later, Denny steps out for ice cream, leaving Paul alone. He spots Gemma and pleads for an opportunity to meet his grandchildren, which distracts him.

Back at the flat, Paul suffers a coughing fit and struggles to breathe. He dials for an ambulance but drops the phone upon getting through. Denny returns to find Paul barely conscious, leaving him shocked. Will Paul pull through?

Meanwhile, Bernie's secretive behaviour continues as she nervously sifts through an old shoebox filled with letters and photos, leaving Dev puzzled - what is she searching for and what is she keeping from her children?

Steve's love life takes a fortunate turn

Steve McDonald [SIMON GREGSON] meets up with Demi [LISA SHINGLER] in the Rovers and they hit it off immediately.
Steve's love life is looking up -Credit:ITV

Steve has resorted to dating apps in his quest for love after parting ways with Tracy Barlow. He shares with Tim at the cab office he's got three matches on the dating app recommended by Abi.

A woman named Maggie has piqued his interest, but a chauvinistic remark from Kevin leaves Abi seething. Maggie agrees to a lunch date at the Bistro. Could this be the turning point in Steve's luck, or is this romance doomed from the start?

Later, he arranges another lunch date at the Rovers, but is baffled when he finds Carole accompanied by three other friends. One of the women invites Tim to join them, and Sally's reaction upon seeing Tim with the woman at the pub is yet to be seen.

Disheartened by his experiences with dating apps, Steve is about to give up when a message from Demi sparks hope. Convinced Demi could be 'the one', he confides in Amy. Their chemistry is palpable when they meet.

New romance

Steve isn't the only one potentially finding love this week, as there seems to be a spark between Alya and Adam. Next week, Alya visits the solicitor's office to collect a client file.

Adam appears to be struggling with administrative tasks and later suggests to Dee-Dee they should withdraw from the joint work with Fabian's. However, she accuses him of being petty and instructs him to carry on.

Upon Rich and Alya's arrival for their meeting with Adam, he is taken aback to discover Alya plans to relocate to Dublin. He's resolute in his desire to win Alya over - but will she be forgiving after their past encounters?

The following day sees Adam and Alya collaborating on a shared case, and it's evident sparks are flying between them. After some hesitation, Adam confesses his feelings for Alya and they share a kiss, just as Rich walks into the office.