Coronation Street star Jane Danson admits doubts over Leanne cult story

In recent weeks, Coronation Street viewers have seen Leanne Battersby (played by Jane Danson) dragged deeper into a cult, as charismatic leader Rowan Cunliffe continues to target her.

But unlike her character, Danson wasn't so easily convinced, admitting she had doubts when she was originally told about the plot.

"It's funny because when they first told me about the storyline, I wasn't entirely sure about it and thought it may be a bit too tricky but I'm absolutely loving it," she shared.

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"In some ways it is tricky because of the way Leanne is now speaking completely different to how she normally would and the language she's now using. But what is interesting for me as an actor is exploring her from a completely different way of thinking and also it's fun because Leanne is absolutely oblivious to all of the damage she is causing by some of her behaviours."

Much to the frustration of her sister Toyah and fiancé Nick, Leanne has become heavily influenced by Rowan and The Institute, sharing personal information and paying for self-help sessions.

Things became even more dangerous for Leanne as she went alone to a retreat with The Institute, cutting herself off from her loved ones.

rowan, leanne battersby, coronation street

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Explaining why Leanne has fallen victim to Rowan, Danson said: "There are some things that happen that actually make you understand why Leanne is getting sucked into this.

"The Institute is all about positivity, bringing good energy and just being a good person but I think she's taken it all a little bit too far. Usually Leanne is a strong character who wouldn't typically make these types of decisions, but for whatever part of her life, she's decided to go against time and behave differently which is of course going to give Toyah and Nick a cause for concern and start pushing them away."

Despite her initial doubts about the storyline, Danson has enjoyed showing a different side to her character.

"Historically, Leanne is quite a strong person with her own opinions, but in this case she is listening to someone else and is essentially getting brainwashed into their way of thinking, which for me is really fun to play," she added.

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