Coronation Street star Michael Le Vell faces bankruptcy after spending £200k fighting false child sex claims

Michael Le Vell faces bankruptcy after he was forced to spend over £200,000 clearing his name after he was falsely accused of child sex abuse, it has been reported.

The 52-year-old actor was found innocent of all 12 counts against him in 2013, but the star has been left struggling financially as a result.

Michael cleared his name in 2013. Copyright: [ITV]

Michael plays mechanic Kevin Webster in ITV soap Coronation Street and was unable to work as he fought to clear his name, returning to the soap in March 2014.

Now The Sun report that Michael has been contacted by the Bankruptcy Unit of the Land Registry, with a letter being sent to his girlfriend’s Manchester home.

A source told the publication: “This is another blow for him.

“He had false accusations hanging over him for years and couldn’t work.”

The stars personal life also fell apart. Copyright: [Rex]

Commenting on the bankruptcy, Michael added: “I’ve not heard anything yet.”

A spokesperson for Coronation Street said: “We can’t comment on a personal matter.”

Despite being found innocent, Michael was forced to pay his own legal fees following the trial as Ministry of Jusitce rules state that those who can afford their own defence will not be given any financial help from the taxpayer.

As well as the financial strain, the trial also affected Michael’s personal life, with the actor splitting from his wife Janette Beverley, the mother of his two children.

Michael was recently offered a new ITV contract worth £250k a year. Copyright: [Rex]

He was forced to sell his £775,000 Manchester home and has confessed to turning to alcohol after the collapse of his family life.

News of Michael’s potential bankruptcy comes shortly after it was reported that ITV bosses have renewed his contract to £250,000 a year.

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