Coronation Street star Paula Wilcox shares Elaine's shock in Stephen wedding story

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Paula Wilcox, who plays Elaine Jones on the ITV soap, has opened up about her character's wedding plans to serial killer Stephen Reid.

Stephen accidentally proposed to Elaine while high on LSD a few weeks ago, though he plans to go through with the wedding regardless.

In scenes airing next week, Elaine's son Tim Metcalfe is outraged about the engagement and declares he'd rather die than watch his mum marry Stephen. However, it's not enough to stop Elaine, who quickly books a flight to Las Vegas to get hitched.

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Discussing the storyline, Paula explained how Elaine is angered by Tim's reaction because he's implying Stephen doesn't want her "for anything more than her money", and that she's "too old for Stephen to be interested in her".

"That is so hurtful. She is very angry towards Tim," the star added.

Paula went on to say that this is one of the reasons Elaine wants to marry Stephen as soon as possible. Not only does she wants to upset Tim as much as he's upset her, but she wants to prove that she can be "glamorous and fun" by being whisked away to Las Vegas.

"Tim is saying that Stephen usually goes for younger women and will trade her in for a younger model, and here is Stephen wanting to fly her off to Vegas to make a grand gesture and marry her," Paula said.

"She doesn't want her family at the wedding now anyway so this works for her.

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"The whole idea is really exciting. The idea of being in America with Stephen. You know, being in a whirlwind marriage is just magical for her and she is swept away."

Tim changes his strategy to stop the wedding by offering Elaine and Stephen a lift to the airport, but his actual intentions are revealed when he successfully lures Elaine into his taxi and drives away, leaving Stephen on the doorstep.

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Explaining Elaine's reaction to Tim's kidnap attempt, Paula said: "I think she is shocked but I think at the same time she's quite concerned about Tim that he has done something so extreme.

"She makes a comment about it hardly being a kidnap attempt but she has seen how desperate he is and she feels sorry for him.

"She just doesn't understand why he won't let her live her life with a really nice man who cares for her. Tim for his part feels the time has come to make a big gesture to show how he feels, he just has a sense that something is not right, but Elaine can’t and won’t see it."

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