Coronation Street star Rob Mallard confirms spiteful revenge move from Daniel

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Rob Mallard has revealed details of Daniel Osbourne's first act of revenge against Ryan Connor.

Daniel is left heartbroken next week when he discovers that his fiancée Daisy Midgeley betrayed him by sleeping with Ryan earlier this year.

Show bosses are revisiting Daniel's dark side as part of the storyline, especially after he learns that Ryan has cancelled a planned move to Glasgow.

Daniel initially hoped to be rid of Ryan after discovering that his love rival was leaving town for a new job. However, he later learns that Ryan has secured a different position at a local gym and will be sticking around after all.

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Discussing Daniel's response, Rob explained: "Daniel's got aggression but he's not necessarily a fighter. He'll fight when it's something that either triggers him or something that he very much cares about, but he's not hot headed to the point where his first thought is to use his fists.

"I do think that Ryan should watch out for the long-laid plans more than anything. I think Daniel would be much more likely to set traps for Ryan to fall into.

"Ryan decides not to move to Glasgow after being offered the job in the gym and Daniel decides to go to the gym company and expose Ryan's past to them.

"That was warfare, but done behind the scenes to ruin Ryan's chances of staying at Weatherfield. I think we can expect things like this to happen."

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Coronation Street's producer Iain MacLeod previously shared details of Daniel's response to Daisy and Ryan's betrayal.

MacLeod recently told Digital Spy and other media: "What we do know about Daniel is that, when pushed into an emotional corner, there's a switch that goes and he's capable of doing some fairly underhand and fairly classically dark things.

"We'll see flashes of that as the story unfolds and some excellent soapy manipulations on his part to try and distance Ryan from Daisy. But in the end, it all comes crashing down."

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