Coronation Street star Sally Carman on Abi's fury in new Corey plot

Coronation Street spoilers ahead.

Sally Carman has opened up about her Corrie character Abi Franklin's rage throughout the soap's new Corey Brent plot.

In next week's scenes airing on ITV, mechanic Abi can't believe what she's seeing on TV when her son's killer appears in a documentary showing off his football skills from prison.

Together with Nina Lucas, who dated the late Seb Franklin, she later storms into the production company's offices to demand answers.

abi webster, coronation street

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"It feels like she's been ambushed in her own house," said Carman of Abi's immediate reaction to the doc.

"Suddenly Corey's literally in her kitchen, and not only is he in her kitchen, he's in her kitchen having a great time, being bigged up and being celebrated. It's just like a sucker punch."

Discussing her Weatherfield alter-ego's coping mechanisms since Seb's death, as well as trying to remain clean and sober, the soap star added: "She needs to get on with work, not think too much, because it's the thinking that sends her spiralling.

"This removes that safeguarding of keeping herself busy because it's in her face and she can't do anything but think about it."

abi webster, nina lucas, coronation street

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Carman also claimed Abi is "very good at getting her head down", but Corey's twisted popularity understandably rattles her cage.

On coming out fighting against the TV company, she teased: "I don't think it'll even be a choice for her. Abi's got that real animal instinct, she's kind of wild, and I love that about her.

"This brings out that wildness, that sort of react-before-thinking, she's very much 'I'd rather ask for forgiveness than permission'."

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and streams on ITVX.

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