Coronation Street star Tina O'Brien on Sarah and Adam's new rift

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Tina O'Brien has spoken about the latest tensions in her character Sarah Barlow's marriage.

Sarah falls out with her husband Adam next week when she discovers that he has agreed to provide legal representation to Damon Hay – the dangerous criminal who has been making her brother Nick's life a misery.

The couple have already found themselves on different pages over whether to have a baby together, with Sarah unsure of how to tell Adam that she doesn't want another child.

Speaking about the upcoming rows, Tina explained: "There is a little bit of tension, but no more than in any standard marriage.

sarah and adam barlow in coronation street

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"I think they're at a bit of cross purposes with the whole baby thing. Sarah understands that Adam wants a baby, but she's in a bit of a difficult position because her career is going really well and she wants to prioritise that.

"I think maybe Adam doesn't sometimes quite understand that and so she's getting a bit frustrated.

"Then Nick drops Adam in it by saying Adam has agreed to represent Damon, who Sarah's never met but has heard what he did to her brother, and Sarah's absolutely fuming that Adam would get involved with this guy.

"Adam understandably says it's business and he needs the money, but Sarah says: 'Look, it's not about the money, this is family and you're basically siding with the guy that's made my brother's life hell."

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In Monday's episode, Sarah snubs Adam by heading to the hotel he'd booked for their date night alone.

Sarah drinks at the hotel bar and is charmed when Damon appears and chats her up.

Unaware that this is the same man who has been bothering Nick, a flirtatious Sarah invites Damon up to her hotel room – which could mark the beginning of a new affair storyline.

Tina added: "It's interesting. I've been trying to find some moral reason as to why Sarah would behave in this way and actually I'm not really sure there is one.

damon, sarah barlow, coronation street

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"So I've just decided to play it as an opportunity that's presented itself – she's at an age where maybe life feels a bit sensible, a bit boring, and then something has come along that's kind of caught her eye a little bit.

"She knows she shouldn't, but she's tempted anyway, and it's as simple as that. These things happen. I'm not saying it's right and Sarah knows that but I'm guessing she's going to go there anyway."

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