Coronation Street star Todd Boyce confirms Stephen will kill again

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Todd Boyce has confirmed his evil character Stephen Reid will kill again.

Stephen previously killed Jenny Connor's lover Leo in an accident, but deliberately murdered Leo's father Teddy when the truth was close to being discovered.

Since Teddy's death late last year, Stephen has been fixated on gaining power at the factory by secretly drugging boss Carla Connor with LSD to make her doubt her own mental health.

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Todd Boyce has now hinted that he has big ambitions for Stephen as a serial killer on the cobbles, telling The Mirror Stephen has yet to claim his final victim.

"I think there could be more. He has a taste for it now and I think he figures that if he gets caught for three, he might as well get caught for four or five," he explained.

"It would be great to go down in the record books as the show's biggest serial killer. What a thing to be known for."

The actor joked about how his fellow co-stars may be fearing for their characters because they're never quite sure how long he'll stay on Coronation Street.

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"I'm forever being asked by the cast: ‘Now how long are you here for?'" Todd said.

"Then they'll come back a month later and go: 'Tell me again, how long do you think you're going to stay?'" he joked.

"They just want to know when they'll be clear of me and when their future is safe! There have been rumours about Stephen killing very senior characters and they're all cagey with me.

"Every single cast member I work with is worried that they could be next on my list. At the moment, I'm doing a lot of scenes with Ryan Russell, who plays Michael Bailey, and he's thinking: 'Hmm, when did I sign my last contract?'"

The actor originally appeared as Todd in the 1990s, though his killer traits didn't surface until he made a big return to the cobbles last year.

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