Coronation Street teases another possible victim for Stephen Reid

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has revealed that the villainous Stephen Reid could be lining up another potential victim.

The businessman has committed a series of murders over the past few months, with the serial killer recently drowning business rival Rufus Donahue after an attempted blackmail plot.

The most recent developments have seen Stephen and Tim Metcalfe engage in a war of words, after Stephen got engaged to the latter's mother, Elaine.

These tensions will continue in scenes that air next week, but Stephen will have his gaze directed towards business contact Owen. The new recruit is spotted flirting with Jenny, whom Stephen has held a soft spot for despite his engagement to Elaine.

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With Owen now getting closer to Jenny, could Stephen become jealous and take matters into his own by continuing his killing spree?

Upon Ben Hull's unveiling as Owen in January, a teaser for the soap hinted that his yearning for romance could potentially get him into trouble with Stephen: "Smooth-talking Owen will set the cat among the pigeons as the rep for an American company interested in Sarah and Michael's new business.

"But it's not just loungewear that Owen sets his sights on, once Jenny catches his eye," continued the teaser. "What's more, Stephen has invested in Michael and Sarah's business, and won't take kindly to someone muscling in on his turf. Is Owen set to give Stephen a run for his money?"

stephen reid, coronation street

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Corrie boss Iain MacLeod also teased the developments in the storyline, revealing that the kiss between Jenny and Stephen would have "long-term consequences".

"Well, obviously, secrets never stay buried in soap for very long, do they?" he teased. "Or sometimes they do stay buried for quite a while, but they always come out in the end. So inevitably this secret will come out too.

"In terms of the person [Jenny] chose to make the mistake with, namely Stephen, she couldn't really have picked a worse person. It will all go off in fairly spectacular fashion, with long-lasting consequences for the whole show."

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