Coronation Street tensions as Linda Hancock returns

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has confirmed the official details of Linda Hancock's return storyline.

Linda, who's the grandmother of Chesney Brown's eldest son Joseph, arrives back in Weatherfield next week as Jacqueline Leonard reprises the role.

Upcoming scenes see Chesney's fiancée Gemma Winter suggest that they should include Linda in their wedding. Chesney agrees that it's a great idea and sends off the invitation.

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Next week, Linda arrives from Portugal and thanks Gemma for thinking of her.

Linda also kindly offers to pay for the wedding catering. Gemma is delighted, but her mum Bernie – who didn't get along with Linda last time she was in town – is livid over the extravagant gesture.

Later in the week, Roy Cropper tips off Gemma about how he spotted a couple of suits at the charity shop, which should fit Chesney and Joseph. Gemma orders Chesney down to the shop to investigate.

Linda is unimpressed when she spots Chesney and Joseph wearing their second-hand wedding suits, branding the dated style terrible. She offers to buy them new ones instead.

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Chesney and Joseph are delighted when they get themselves some brand new suits thanks to Linda's generosity. But how will Gemma react when she finds out that Chesney has gone behind her back by accepting Linda's offer?

Jacqueline Leonard appeared as Linda for the first time in 2015, when she joined the show for a guest stint.

She returned in 2022 for a storyline which saw Linda suggest that Joseph should move to Portugal with her.

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