Coronation Street's Adam makes breakthrough in secret Harvey plan

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Adam Barlow has made a startling breakthrough in his plan with evil Harvey Gaskell in Coronation Street.

The lawyer has made the risky decision to align himself with love rival Damon Hay's evil brother Harvey, promising he'll help with Harvey's criminal case if the drug lord gets rid of his half-brother Damon.

In Monday's (February 5) episode, Adam got to work on his end of the bargain by enlisting his law partners Dee Dee Bailey and Joel Deering to help him with Harvey's case without revealing the drug boss was involved.

After Adam grew outraged to see Damon celebrating Sarah Platt's birthday with her, he encouraged Dee Dee and Joel to research a supposed firearms case he'd been working on.

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Later, Adam was staring daggers at Damon in the Bistro as the rest of the Platt family joined Damon to celebrate Sarah's big day.

Dee Dee and Joel showed up with a potentially crucial breakthrough in the firearms case, leading Adam to cut short his dinner with Daniel and Ken so they wouldn't catch wind of what he was up to.

His law partners explained that there may be grounds for an appeal due to potential evidence contamination – provided the issue hadn't come up in the original criminal trial.

Adam was then slightly unnerved as he opened up a package from "a client", which turned out to be a 'World's Best Solicitor' mug from Harvey. An unnerved Adam called the drug lord in prison to reveal he'd made progress on his case.

"I got your mug. You really shouldn't have," he told Harvey. "I might have something for you too, grounds for an appeal, hopefully."

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Adam then insisted it would soon be time for Harvey to live up to his end of their deal – and "get rid of Damon".

Will Adam actually see his dangerous plan through?

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