Coronation Street's Alan Halsall reveals daughter's surprise TV appearance fans may have missed

Coronation Street's Alan Halsall with his daughter Sienna
Coronation Street's Alan Halsall with his daughter Sienna -Credit:Alan Halsall Instagram

Coronation Street star Alan Halsall showed how delighted his daughter was as she made a surprise TV appearance that viewers of Britain Got Talent may or may not have missed.

The actor is no stranger to being on the small screen as he continues to play Tyrone Dobbs in the ITV soap after 26 years. But for his daughter Sienna, she's less likely to be seen on the TV but had a starring moment during the return of Britain's Got Talent over the weekend.

Millions tuned in to episode one which aired on Saturday night (April 20), officially kicking off the 2024 series. According to ITV, the audience peaked with a massive 5.6 million viewers (5m Ave.) with a 39% share, making it the network's biggest overnight audience of the year so far since The FA Cup quarter-final match last month.

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The show then returned on Sunday night (April 21) for a double show weekend with Arbon, a danger act who balances using his hands and executes stunts involving fire and heights while Duncan Fletcher demonstrated a variety of stunts to the judges and Danny ZZZZ performed a trick that involves him attempting to escape from a box on fire.

But during episode one, Alan's daughter Sienna was seen in the audience beaming and dancing along with one of the acts. Appearing in a photo on her dad's Instagram Story as she posed next to the TV, the soap star said: "When you're chilling in your pj's at home and see yourself on the big screen on @bgt."

Meanwhile, Sienna's mum, former Coronation Street star and Alan's ex-wife Lucy-Jo Hudson, also took to her Instagram Story to celebrate the spot. Sharing a picture of her TV screen with Sienna on it, Lucy said: "When you're at your in-laws and you're catching up on @bgt and you see your beautiful girl and gorgeous niece in the audience."

Sienna appeared surprised to see herself on screen -Credit:Alan Halsall Instagram
Sienna appeared surprised to see herself on screen -Credit:Alan Halsall Instagram

She went on to say: "Ahhh what a picture," with a red heart emoji before adding: "Thank you so much @noholdenback for giving our girls an amazing experience."

Some may remember that Lucy-Jo and Amanda go way back having starred in Wild at Heart together. It was aout a veterinary surgeon and his family, who emigrate from Bristol, England, to South Africa, where they attempt to rehabilitate a game reserve for wild animals and establish a veterinary surgery and animal hospital.

The show ran for seven series beginning on 29 January 2006 and ending on 30 December 2012 and its primary cast included Stephen Tompkinson as Danny Trevanion; Amanda as Danny's wife Sarah; Lucy-Jo as Danny's daughter Rosie; Deon Stewardson as the Trevanions' business partner Anders DuPlessis ('Dup') and Hayley Mills as Caroline DuPlessis.