Coronation Street's Alan Halsall reveals Tyrone Dobbs' devastation

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Alan Halsall has revealed Tyrone Dobbs will be left devastated over Cassie Plummer's drug overdose.

Tyrone recently reconnected with his estranged mum after discovering she was actually alive. Cassie's return has also driven a wedge between Tyrone and his grandmother Evelyn, who had previously led him to believe that his mother was actually dead.

However, in scenes which air next week, Tyrone is horrified after Cassie suffers an overdose and is discovered by Hope. Speaking about the upcoming twist, Halsall has revealed that Tyrone will be left completely shocked by the turn of events.

"Tyrone's devastated for many reasons. His mum is on the floor collapsed and needs an ambulance which is scary for everyone," the actor explained.

tyrone dobbs, coronation street

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"He doesn't really know what's going on but is also trying to protect Hope and what she's seen. He also feels let down and betrayed by his Mum. It's a real whirlwind of emotions and Tyrone is so shocked by it all because even in the back of his mind, he probably thought something like this could happen. He also wanted to believe so much that he wouldn't."

The actor went on to discus the fallout from the overdose, which sees Cassie lie to Tyrone about Evelyn kicking her out during and forcing her to turn to drugs during a support group meeting.

"It's probably the first time that she has spoken in front of Tyrone about what's going on," Halsall said, explaining why Tyrone falls for her lies.

tyrone dobbs, cassie plummer, coronation street

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"He also feels very sad for her and sorry for what she went through and he gets angry because he's confused how Evelyn let those kind of things go on."

Despite his anger over the situation, Halsall still believes there will be a relationship going forward for Tyrone and Evelyn.

"I think he just feels betrayed," he added. "His absolute dream would be to have the four generations under one roof and the four generations together as a family."

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