Coronation Street's Bernie Winter left devastated as Kit tells the truth

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Bernie Winter has learned the truth about Kit Green's identity in Coronation Street.

The sudden reappearance of Paul and Gemma's dad Denny has stirred up long-held secrets for Bernie, as it has been revealed she had another son, Zodiac, who was taken into care as a child.

Bernie has subsequently become convinced that Weatherfield detective Kit Green is unfairly targeting her, not aware that he has a connection to her family.

Monday's (May 20) episode revolved around the day of Paul Foreman's operation to install a feeding tube as the next stage of his Motor Neurone Disease diagnosis.

kit and bernie in coronation street

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At the same time, Bernie shared with Dev that she was feeling emotional since it would also have been her son Zodiac's 31st birthday that day. Bernie has been under the impression that Zodiac is dead.

Bernie set off to Paul's procedure, only to find that her car was being towed with Kit suspiciously nearby.

An irate Bernie went off to the police precinct to formally complain about Kit harassing her when the cop was surprised by colleagues with a cake… for his 31st birthday.

Kit led a shocked Bernie into an interrogation room where he confessed that he was her long-lost son Zodiac, but wanted nothing to do with her.

"I just want to get on with my life… without you," he insisted.

kit and bernie in coronation street
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Bernie explained that she'd given him up because she was "already a rubbish mum" to the twins and couldn't afford to have a third child.

"I'm not proud of what I did but I still think you stood a better chance with an adopted family than you did with me," she explained.

The two left things on a sad note, with Bernie extending an olive branch that she'd always be open to a relationship with her son if he changed his mind.

Once she left the police precinct, Bernie rushed to the hospital for Paul's procedure and then she confided in Dev that Kit is indeed her long-lost son.

"This morning, I thought he was dead but now there he is, standing right in front of me," Bernie explained.

bernie and dev in coronation street

Will Kit reach out to his long-lost mum?

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