Coronation Street's Beth Sutherland betrays Kirk again with secret meeting

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Beth Sutherland is set to betray Kirk again as she sets up another secret meeting with her ex-boyfriend Marco.

Beth and Kirk's relationship has been under strain recently as a result of Beth slapping Fiz and Tyrone's daughter Hope, then lying about it, with the two confronting her in front of colleagues at the factory.

Then she came under fire from Kirk for keeping a love letter written by her old flame. The letter couldn't have re-appeared at a worse time as Beth was trying to make amends with Kirk by going through mementos from their relationship.

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Despite this, Beth was willing to risk it all by secretly meeting up with Marco earlier this month – and now she plans to do so again.

In upcoming scenes, Beth continues to keep Kirk in the dark about her recent meeting with her ex. Later on, she agrees to meet up with Marco again because he wants to organise a school reunion, but Glenda warns her to steer clear.

It looks like Kirk has something to be worried about though as Beth and Marco meet in a hotel bar and sparks start flying between them. Beth realises that she should have listened to Glenda as old feelings re-emerge. Will Beth cheat on Kirk?

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Elsewhere in the factory on Corrie, Todd Boyce has teased that his evil character Stephen Reid is set to kill again after previously murdering Leo and his father Teddy.

"I think there could be more. He has a taste for it now and I think he figures that if he gets caught for three, he might as well get caught for four or five," he told The Mirror. "It would be great to go down in the record books as the show's biggest serial killer. What a thing to be known for."

In an attempt to take over the factory, Stephen has been secretly drugging boss Carla to make her question her own mental health. Could she be victim number three?

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