Coronation Street's Billy Mayhew makes an emotional plea to Paul Foreman

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Billy Mayhew has made an emotional plea to his husband Paul Foreman in Coronation Street.

Earlier this year, Billy made a stirring promise that he would assist Paul in ending his life if his spouse ever felt that the progression of his Motor Neurone Disease (MND) had eroded his quality of life.

Billy has since been dealing with immense physical pain as well as emotional turmoil, as he'd hurt his back lifting Paul out of the tub.

All of the recent tension culminated in a dramatic Valentine's Day-themed episode for the couple on Tuesday (February 13), as Billy tried to make the day memorable for Paul.

Billy could barely handle the pain as he presented Paul with a motorbike and sidecar for the holiday, leading to him downing painkillers before taking Paul out for dinner at the bistro.

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The night went from bad to worse when Billy's surprise performance by a barbershop quartet was interrupted by a rowdy schoolmate of Paul's called Benno.

Billy initially held his tongue but eventually punched Benno when Paul's mate tried to physically force him to dance. The disastrous dinner date concluded with Billy being taken down to the police station for questioning.

This caused a huge problem, as Paul couldn't be left alone and their mate Dee Dee Bailey would be representing Billy as his solicitor. The compromise was for Paul to wait in the station lobby while Billy was questioned.

Dee Dee and Billy eventually emerged from the interrogation room with the good news that Benno would drop the complaint if Billy apologised for punching him.

Once they got home, Paul wanted answers on why Billy had such a violent outburst. Billy finally explained that he was struggling with agonising back pain and he hadn't wanted to worry Paul.

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Billy mentioned that he was also bothered by Summer turning down her offer to study in America — which Paul had absolutely no idea about.

Paul continued to question what was really bothering Billy, until his husband admitted he was trying to make every day special in hopes that Paul would never want to end his life.

"I don't know who I can talk to. All I want to do is scream," Billy confessed.

Billy told Paul that he's "never been more proud" of anyone in his life than he is of his husband, but he felt he was failing Paul.

"You are not failing me," Paul assured his husband.

As he broke down in tears, Billy told Paul that he'd " give anything" to have "every second of life" with him.

"I am begging you, with all my heart, choose me. Choose me," Billy asked.

Will Paul change his mind over his end-of-life decision?

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Coronation Street has been working on Paul's storyline with support from the MND Association, which focuses on improving access to care, research and campaigning for people affected by motor neurone disease.

The charity's helpline MND Connect (0808 802 6262) is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, and 7pm to 10.30pm. Calls are free.

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