Coronation Street's Bobby Crawford to be arrested over Lauren case lies

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Bobby Crawford is set to be arrested after lying in the Lauren Bolton murder case.

Viewers will know that Bobby recently deceived the police in an attempt to free Roy from prison – though new scenes will see this come back to haunt him.

The storyline begins as Carla closes down a conversation with DS Swain after being asked why she has fallen out with Roy.

ds swain, carla barlow, bobby, coronation street
bobby, ds swain, carla barlow, coronation street
ds swain, bobby, carla barlow, coronation street

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Swain then visits Roy in prison and questions him point blank if his fallout with Carla is related to Bobby's suspicious statement.

Bobby is later arrested by Swain on suspicion of perverting the course of justice, as Swain tells Carla that Bobby's deception isn’t helping him or Roy.

Dee-Dee later realises Roy's defence is gone after Carla tells her about Bobby's arrest, having hoped that his statement would be enough to exonerate Roy.

dee dee bailey, bobby, carla barlow, coronation street
carla barlow, bobby, dee dee bailey, coronation street
bobby, dee dee bailey, carla barlow, coronation street

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Next week's episodes are set to focus on the Lauren storyline as fans are finally given answers over the three-month mystery.

The scenes will see Bethany continue her mission to try and prove evil Nathan Curtis is behind Lauren's murder, and as Sarah struggles to see her daughter at breaking point, she tries to plant evidence in Nathan's van to get rid of him.

However, Sarah is caught by new detective Kit Green, who urges her not to play games – though a new twist comes as the police make a discovery that could put Nathan in the frame.

kit, sarah barlow, coronation street

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"Just as it looks like Swain and Kit are about to crack the case, the audience will be hit with a bolt out of the blue as a new piece of evidence reveals who Lauren's killer really is!" a show statement reveals.

"Have the police got their man in Nathan, or is a predator still at large?"

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