Coronation Street's Bobby star speaks out after future on soap is confirmed amid exit plans

Coronation Street's Jack Carroll
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Coronation Street star Jack Carroll shared a message with fans after his future on the soap was confirmed. His character Bobby Crawford has recently been seen downbeat as he planned to leave Weatherfield following his arrival at the end of last year.

As viewers of the ITV soap have come to know, Bobby is the son of Carla’s brother Rob Donovan. Rob is serving life in prison for the murder of Tina McIntyre and was unaware he had a son until recently, but hadn’t managed to let Carla know.

He's since made himself comfortable living with his auntie and landed himself a job at her factory, Underworld. However, he's recently been wrapped up in finding out what has happened to new love interest Lauren Bolton after she suddenly disappeared with the missing person case now a murder probe.

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After initially joining the police in suspecting Roy Cropper of wrongdoing, Bobby later tried to help the beloved cafe owner by giving a false statement to the police, saying he saw a hooded man leaving Lauren's flat on the night she disappeared - and it wasn't Roy.

However, Carla ended up being caught up in the lie too and when confronted by Roy, she ended up admitting the truth and risked their friendship as he told her he didn't want to see or speak to her anymore.

But there was an unexpected moment in scenes aired last month as despite Carla lying to the police about her nephew's statement over the night Lauren went missing, the Underworld boss was seen being sympathetic to stressed-out detective and single mum DS Lisa Swain.

And it appeared that in return, Swain encouraged newly freed street stalwart Roy to make amends with Carla after he told her the truth about Bobby and Carla's lies, leading to Bobby's arrest. Then, earlier this month, the Barlows found out about Bobby's false statement which inadvertently saw Daniel Osbourne become a suspect in the case.

Bobby was set to leave Carla's - and Weatherfield -Credit:ITV
Bobby was set to leave Carla's - and Weatherfield -Credit:ITV

He was, as expected, fuming with the revelation and railed at Bobby as well as Carla. After the confrontation with her former in-laws, Carla didn't put up a fight when Bobby suggested he should leave and would pack his stuff up and move back in with his grandmother.

But amid his exit plans, Bobby found himself with an opportunity to prove himself as seen during Monday night's (June 10) episode of Corrie. During Stu Carpenter's birthday drinks, Bobby took the chance to apologise to Ken for wrongly casting suspicion on Daniel with his police statement.

Ken invited Bobby to join him for a drink but he became concerned as he noticed Ken was unsteady on his feet, with Ken soon deciding it was best to head home. Still concerned for Ken, Bobby went to check on him by knocking at his front door, but nobody answered.

Jack shared a message with fans of the soap -Credit:Jack Carroll Instagram
Jack shared a message with fans of the soap -Credit:Jack Carroll Instagram

Bobby then peered through the letter box and noticed Ken slumped on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. He spoke to Ken, who was then trying to get himself up, and immediately called 999 leading to Ken being rushed to hospital where it was later determined Ken had a mild concussion and a fractured pelvis.

Carla later thanked Bobby for coming to Ken's rescue and Bobby was delighted as Carla told him he would be welcome to stay at her home after all while also telling him he had a "big heart" as well as a "big mouth". Following the scenes, Jack took to social media to address his character's future.

Sharing a picture of himself with Ken legend Bill Roache, Jack said: "Bobby came to the rescue of Ken Barlow this evening and decided he's going to stay in Weatherfield. Great to have some scenes with Bill. Hope you all enjoyed the episode @coronationstreet."