Coronation Street's Carla demands answers over Rovers Return secret

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Carla Barlow has demanded answers about the ownership of the Rovers Return in Coronation Street.

Late last year, Jenny Connor agreed to go along with step-daughter Daisy Midgeley's plot to buy the Rovers using money from serial killer Stephen Reid's secret bank account.

Stephen had used the account to funnel money he'd stolen from Carla's Underworld factory, though Jenny and Daisy chose to keep this secret from Carla. The step-mother-and-daughter duo agreed they'd keep Daisy's co-ownership of the pub to themselves as well.

Monday's (February 26) episode saw Carla getting suspicious during a business meeting with a client when a rep mentioned having a meeting with the owner of the Rovers... Daisy.

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While Carla assumed this rep must have meant Jenny, she was puzzled to see Daisy turning up at the hotel for this business meeting.

Back on the cobbles, Daisy revealed to Jenny that she'd made a deal to stock Newton & Ridley in the Rovers — unaware that Carla was listening to their conversation.

When confronted, Daisy and Jenny had to make up a story to explain how they'd suddenly got enough money to buy into the Rovers.

"The thing is, Daisy helped me buy into the pub," Jenny insisted.

Jenny claimed that Daisy had got a loan from her mum and it made sense for them each to take a co-ownership stake.

"Now, we can run the place together," Jenny announced.

Carla quizzed the duo on why they'd mentioned a bank loan previously, forcing Jenny to spin a tale about how they needed some extra funds beyond the loan.

"Sorry for sticking my nose in," Carla told them.

daisy midgeley, jenny connor, coronation street

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While Jenny and Daisy were at each other's throats privately after the confrontation with Carla, Daisy encouraged her step-mum to look on the bright side.

"Now, we can be a bit more open about me co-owning the pub," Daisy told Jenny.

Daisy subsequently announced to the punters in the Rovers that she was officially a co-owner. She also shared a fraught moment with Daniel before Bethany turned up to take him away.

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