Coronation Street's Cassie Plummer is sacked in Abi storyline

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Cassie Plummer has been sacked from the garage due to her vendetta against Abi Webster in Coronation Street.

While Abi tried to help Cassie earlier this year, Cassie has developed a grudge against Kevin Webster's spouse and repeatedly tried to turn Kevin against her.

Most recently, Abi has been desperately trying to stop the spread of a deep fake sex video online, as Cassie tried to convince Kevin the footage may well be real.

In Monday's (June 3) episode, Abi was horrified to learn from police officer Craig Tinker that there wasn't much police could do about the video being reposted online.

abi in coronation street

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Craig suggested Abi may want to hire a lawyer to see about potential legal avenues in getting the deep fake video taken down.

The situation only got worse for Abi when two lads turned up at the garage to make jokes about seeing the supposed sex tape.

Meanwhile, Cassie outraged Tyrone and Kevin by suggesting that the videos might not be deep fakes at all.

Cassie alleged that Abi may no longer be sober and thus couldn't remember that she'd filmed the sex tape while she was high.

"Why would anyone bother to do a deep fake of Abi flamin' Webster?" Cassie accusatorily asked her son Tyrone at the garage.

claire sweeney as cassie in coronation street

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Abi overheard these allegations, leading Kevin to jump to her defense by finally firing Cassie for routinely casting suspicion on his wife.

"Sling it," Kevin demanded. "You're sacked!"

Not even Tyrone could defend Cassie this time, as he reluctantly agreed with Kevin and Abi that it was best for his mother to find work somewhere else.

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