Coronation Street's Dev Alahan faces backlash over bribe attempt

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Dev Alahan has faced a backlash in Coronation Street over his attempt to bribe Courtney Vance.

Aadi's father has been desperately trying to break up the teen's romance with Courtney Vance for the sake of their business since she's now the estranged wife of their business partner, Darren.

The couple showed no signs of slowing down in Wednesday's (September 27) episode — with Courtney even promising to sell her rings so they could put a down payment on Shelly Rossington's old flat together.

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The two headed off for a brunch at the Bistro, where Courtney made a show of snogging Aadi in front of her husband Darren as he boiled with rage.

Darren charged over to confront Aadi, but as they squared up to one another, Bernie intervened and ordered all of them out of the Bistro.

As Courtney went to leave with Aadi, Bernie warned her she knew what she was up to by playing her young lover against her rich husband.

Darren wasn't willing to give up, so he secretly offered Dev £5,000 if he could somehow split Courtney and Aadi up.

It didn't take long for Dev to spring his plan, as he offered to hand over the full £5K to Courtney if she immediately called things off with Aadi.

Aadi walked in before Courtney could answer, so she took the cash and announced Dev had generously offered them the money to furnish their new flat.

While Aadi was thrilled by the seemingly supportive gesture, Dev realised he'd been backed into a corner since Courtney threatened to tell Aadi what the money was really for.

Dev had to report to Darren that the plan had failed but was warned that he better get the money back if he wanted his son to be safe.

dev alahan, courtney vance, coronation street

At that point, Dev felt he had no choice but to come clean to Aadi about his attempts to bribe Courtney.

"She's using you, son. You're worth ten of her," Dev tried to tell Aadi. A furious Aadi then stormed out of the house.

Has Dev just poisoned his relationship with his son?

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