Coronation Street's Dylan and Liam to face a major new Mason dilemma

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Dylan Wilson and Liam Connor come up with a desperate plan next week as the aftermath of the show's bullying storyline continues.

In recent weeks, bully Mason Radcliffe finally faced justice for his crimes when he was arrested and charged after threatening Liam with a zombie knife.

With a custodial sentence looming over his head, Mason engineered a meeting with Dylan and confronted him over his plans to testify at the hearing.

As the day of the hearing approaches, Liam's mum Maria Connor and stepdad Gary Windass try their best to boost the troubled youngster's confidence as he prepares to give his statement incriminating Mason.

gary windass, maria connor, liam connor, coronation street

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Meanwhile, having been spooked by Mason's latest threats, Dylan packs his rucksack and decides to do a runner rather than attend the hearing.

Violet Wilson is horrified when she realises that Dylan has gone missing and calls at Number 11 to alert Sean Tully to the worrying news.

Ahead of the hearing, Maria, Gary and Liam have breakfast at the Bistro, and it's clear that Liam's nerves are kicking in.

Sean and Violet rush in and tell them about Dylan's disappearing act. Worried that this could derail the entire case against Mason, Gary springs into action and offers to help them find Dylan.

sean tully, violet wilson, coronation street

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Liam heads home – unaware that someone is watching him from a distance. Dylan grabs Liam and pulls him into the ginnel, then explains all about the latest threats from Mason.

Liam is taken aback when Dylan desperately suggests that they both run away to avoid going to court and testifying against the bully. With his anxiety building, Liam considers doing a runner.

gary windass, maria connor, coronation street

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Meanwhile, Maria and Gary return home and are shocked to discover that Liam is not there. Fearing that the two teenagers have run off together, Maria and Gary tell Violet and Sean that Liam has gone missing, too.

Will Liam and Dylan show up for the hearing, or will their disappearing act mean Mason will avoid a jail sentence?

Coronation Street has been working on Liam's storyline with support from the National Bullying Helpline (0300 323 0169 between 9am-5pm on weekdays, and 10am-12 midday on Saturdays, or email

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