Coronation Street's Dylan Wilson tells another big lie in bullying plot

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Dylan Wilson has faced huge consequences for telling another major lie in Coronation Street's bullying storyline.

The teen has made the risky decision of trying to cover up bully Mason Radcliffe's torment of Liam Connor, afraid that Mason will turn against him next.

Wednesday's (March 6) episode picked up in the aftermath of Jake Windass telling Maria and Gary that Mason wasn't just bullying Liam — he'd threatened him with a zombie knife.

Liam was horrified as Maria and Gary took him to the police station to tell Craig Tinker about Mason's knife threats.

It wasn't long before Craig and two other police officers turned up at the Grimshaw house to search for the weapon.

liam mccheyne as dylan in coronation street

Sean was outraged by the accusation, insisting to Craig that there was no zombie knife in their house. Meanwhile, Dylan sat quietly in the corner as the search commenced.

"We have evidence [Dylan] was there when the knife was used to threaten a minor, and he might be hiding it," Craig explained.

Once the police left without finding the weapon, Eileen warned Dylan he'd be in serious trouble if there was "even an ounce of truth" in the accusation.

"There isn't [any truth to it]," Dylan insisted.

lucas toolan as mason in coronation street

Later, Dylan met up with Mason and was alarmed when the bully said he wished he'd still had the knife so he could teach Liam a lesson.

"[The police] have nowt on me. The thing is, I do have a previous [conviction] with a knife, so if I do get done, that's it. I'm going to Young Offenders," Mason told him.

Mason demanded Dylan retrieve the knife and meet him with it in the ginnel. This proved to be a set-up as Craig approached him instead, with Mason nowhere in sight.

Dylan was arrested and taken to the local precinct, where he was met by dad Sean and solicitor Dee Dee Bailey before he faced interrogation. Dee Dee encouraged Dylan to stand up for himself against Mason once and for all.

Dylan did bravely tell the truth to the police about Mason's bullying tactic and threats. While he'd hoped he'd get off with a warning, Dee Dee later shared the bad news that CPS has decided to charge him as an accessory.

antony cotton as sean and liam mccheyne as dylan in coronation street

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Coronation Street has been working on Liam's storyline with support from the National Bullying Helpline (0300 323 0169 between 9am-5pm on weekdays, and 10am-12 midday on Saturdays, or email

Further organisations which can offer help include Samaritans on 116 123 or Mind on 0300 123 3393. Readers in the US are encouraged to visit or the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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