Coronation Street's Faye could be caught out in love triangle story

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Faye Windass faces the prospect of being caught out amid her love triangle storyline with Jackson Hodge and Craig Tinker on Coronation Street.

Faye has been growing closer to former flame Jackson in recent weeks, especially around the co-parenting of their daughter Miley. In new scenes set to air on the soap, however, Faye faces having everything exposed.

Things start when Faye reveals her plans for throwing a surprise party for Craig to mark his CID secondment to Beth, Sally and Izzy.

faye windass, coronation street
jackson hodge, faye , coronation street

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Faye is later persuaded by Jackson and Miley to help with the latter's school family tree project, and Faye and Gary both chip in.

Jackson praises Faye, which she enjoys – though it doesn't go unnoticed by Gary who observes the growing spark between them. Gary confronts Faye and asks her about her feelings for Jackson, and she reveals that he tried to kiss her. However, she assures Gary that she loves Craig and it's just a misunderstanding with Jackson refusing to accept it.

Gary decides to lure both Faye and Jackson to the furniture shop, urging them to talk, and Jackson suggests that she would be making the biggest mistake of her life if she chooses Craig.

faye windass, coronation street
craig tinker, coronation street

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Arriving at the Bistro, Craig is taken aback when he sees everyone there, though he notices that both Faye and Jackson aren't present and decides to call Faye's phone to find out where she is. He hears it ringing in the furniture shop and heads over.

Faye hears Craig approaching and tells Jackson to hide under a desk just before her fiancé enters. Will Craig find her with Jackson?

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