Coronation Street's Lauren Bolton 'petrified' as star makes worrying admission after pregnancy twist

Lauren Bolton revealed she is pregnant in tonight's episode of Coronation Street
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Coronation Street's Cait Fitton shared a worrying prediction on her character's future after the shock pregnancy reveal.

The soap star returned to screens last night when Lauren Bolton was unveiled as the mystery visitor at Roy Cropper's hospital bedside. Tuesday's show explored why Lauren has stayed away from Weatherfield as she fled for her own safety after being attacked by Joel Deering.

Lauren was cornered by her abuser as she tried to leave the hospital in the latest episode as Joel tried to manipulate her into staying quiet about their past. However, the villain was shocked when Lauren revealed she was pregnant with his child before she managed to escape.

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Cait told the ECHO and other press how her character isn't in the clear yet after she escaped Joel's clutches. She said: "She's petrified because she knows what this man can do.

"She knows that he won't stop at anything. Now it's not just her she's got to worry about, it's the baby."

However, the 22-year-old explained how her character has been transformed by the baby twist as she is in unfamiliar territory. She said: "Lauren has never had unconditional love and doesn't know what it is. When anyone tries to get close to her, her guard automatically goes up.

"With a child, she that's child's role model and that baby is going to be with her through everything." She added: "Lauren doesn't care what happens to her now. As long as that baby's safe, that's all she cares about."

Lauren has had a troubled upbringing as she was introduced into the show as part of the far right group that groomed Max Turner. Cait explained the chequered past is what kept Lauren from contacting the police about Joel.

She said: "Joel's got a lot of power. Looking at her from an outside perspective, she's someone that's come from no family, no home. She's had bad experiences with the police. She's never been trusted or believed. If someone looks at that on paper, they're automatically going to go this person [Joel] can take care of the baby."

However, Cait shared a concerning update as she confirmed her troubled past means Lauren is still vulnerable to be taken advantage of. The character is still desperate for money and said this could be how Joel regains control of the situation.

She added "It's a form of grooming and he's got that control over her. No one on the street will want to know her after what has happened with Roy because no one knows what has actually gone on.

"She's not going to go out and blurt it around, she's going to want to keep this close to her because it's a weakness if people know what's happened to her. If he turns around and says 'Lauren, I've got this here. You keep quiet about this and I'll help you', she's going to do it."

Cait's character said drama will continue to follow Lauren around as she is doomed to make further errors while trying to navigate her desperate situation, adding: "Lauren will always make mistakes because she's never had someone to go: 'this is wrong, this is right'."

Cait is excited to see how the storyline develops as she is enjoying Lauren being able to fight back. She added: "The baby is Lauren's trump card. If you do anything to hurt me, that's my evidence and then it's him manipulating her.

"So you've got that power dynamic, which I'm glad because I didn't want them to bring her back and become this little person in a shell."

The storyline is particularly important to Cait as she has extensively worked with the Maggie Oliver Foundation, a survivors of abuse charity, to ensure her portrayal is authentic. The soap star hopes Lauren manages to overcome her struggles on screen to send an inspiring message to anybody going through a similar situation to her character.

She said: "Of course, show the vulnerability and raise the issues we need to raise but I want there to be a positive out of this.

"I want them to know, yes, you were a victim of this, yes it was wrong, but where are you going to go from that now? Are you going to fight or flight? It's about fighting and I hope moving forward we will be able to show that onscreen."

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