Coronation Street's Liam Connor tells tragic lie in Mason bullying story

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Liam Connor has told a tragic lie about bully Mason Radcliffe in Coronation Street.

This week has seen Mason's cruel tactics sink to new levels, as a viral video was leaked showing Liam in the aftermath of the bigger boy ripping up his school bag.

George Shuttleworth has noticed Liam had skipped school and tried to offer a sympathetic ear in Wednesday's (November 29) episode.

The undertaker explained that he'd been bullied as a young boy and promised he'd be there to support Liam if he was going through something similar.

liam connor in coronation street

However, Liam was too scared to open up to George so he ultimately ran off. After George had a word with Gary Windass about his concerns, Liam faced more questions at home.

When Gary asked him whether Mason was still bullying him, Liam lied: "He's sort of moved on. We're mates, actually."

Gary turned to son Jake Windass to ask whether Liam was telling the truth, and while Jake hesitated, he ultimately backed up Liam's lie.

"He's been pretty sound whenever I saw him," Jake told his dad.

Gary then warned Liam he couldn't be skipping school, but after he left, Liam thanked his stepfather for "keeping it quiet".

mikey north as gary windass in coronation street

Last week, cast member Luca Toolan spoke about the importance of Coronation Street exploring the dangers of bullying — especially as the storyline has touched on a related issue of knife crime.

"It's a massive privilege and a challenge. Knife crime is an incredibly prevalent issue, so I think it's an important story to tell and there's also a pressure to do it right. You don't want to muck it up, but we haven't from what I've seen so far," the Mason actor said.

"Having such an important issue to explore motivated all of us to get it right. I think that's shown through how much work we put into these scenes, how much time the producers gave us for rehearsals and also us speaking to different people who've been through it."

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