Coronation Street's Linda and Gemma face yet another clash in Joseph story

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Linda Hancock and Gemma Winter are set to face another clash in the Joseph storyline.

The two characters have recently come to blows over Joseph, notably when Linda accused Gemma of poisoning her grandson – though he was later diagnosed with Lyme disease after trips to the hospital.

They later feuded over Linda's proposition that Joseph be educated at the private Oakhill School, with Linda offering to pay the fees.

gemma winter brown, bernie winter, joseph brown, linda, coronation street

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In new scenes set to air next Friday (May 24), Joseph settles into Oakhill, and Gemma reveals to Bernie that her stepson will be bringing his new posh school friends round, and so will need to tidy up the house.

However, Gemma is hurt when Linda reveals that she has actually booked a table at the Bistro to ease the pressure.

Will Gemma tell Linda to back off, setting up the stage for another clash, and will Linda ever feel that Gemma is good enough?

gemma winter brown, bernie winter, joseph brown, linda, coronation street

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Soap producer Iain MacLeod previously revealed to Digital Spy and other media that the Linda storyline will be around for the long run.

"[The story is] going to be a long runner for us," he said. "We are taking the very original story played with Ken Barlow as our inspiration."

He added: "I suppose the foundational dynamic in the Barlow family when we first met them was that Ken was one thing and his family was subtly something else. It's basically taking its inspiration from that kind of foundational dynamic in the Barlow household."

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