Coronation Street's Max Turner left furious over David discovery

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Max Turner will be left angry after he makes a discovery about David Platt that makes him feel his confidence has been betrayed.

Max (Paddy Bever) is still serving his sentence at the Secure Training Centre after being sentenced to six months in February for encouraging terrorism, after he made racist videos following his indoctrination by Griff's right-wing gang.

Max recently returned to our screens as his dad David (Jack P Shepherd) visited him at the STC and he was also seen being reunited with his old teacher Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard), who he has had a very rocky relationship with, to say the least.

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When a fight broke out among some of the students, Max seized the opportunity to swipe Daniel's phone, before putting it to a surprising use - as he recorded an honest video message for Daniel, explaining just how much he is struggling at the moment.

When David caught Daniel watching the emotional video in The Rovers, Daniel urged David not to tell Max that he had also seen the clip, expressing his worry that Max would feel that Daniel had betrayed his confidence by sharing the message.

However, in scenes airing next week, David will give the game away when he visits Max at the STC and begins to quiz him closely about his mental state. It doesn't take long for Max to realise that David has been talking to Daniel and, when David admits that he has seen Max's emotional video, Max is absolutely furious.

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Back at No.8, David confides in Daniel that he is really concerned for Max, which gives Daniel an idea.

Heading back to the STC, Daniel hands his phone over to Max and tells him that there is a message on it from David for him. Later on, Max decides to listen to David's message.

The next time he sees Daniel, Max admits that he has watched David's video, but hasn't recorded a reply for him.

Will he manage to find any words to tell David how he feels, or is their strained relationship damaged for good?

david platt, max turner, coronation street

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Max actor Paddy Bever recently explained that Max is at "the lowest point" that we have seen him at the moment, which is why he decided to open up to Daniel.

"Max hasn't had a happy life and at the moment he is sitting in a cell, with nothing to do, and he is thinking about everything that he has done wrong and what has happened to him in his life," he said.

"He debates the point of carrying on. He expresses thoughts of hopelessness and he is experiencing a lot of pain."

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