Coronation Street's Paula Wilcox explains why Elaine was fooled by Stephen

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Paula Wilcox has spoken out about why she reckons her character Elaine Jones has been fooled by her fiancé, the serial killer and pathological liar Stephen Reid.

So far, Elaine has not wanted to hear a bad word said against Stephen, even from her son Tim Metcalfe. It's quite the turnaround from the situation with Geoff, where Tim didn't believe Elaine about his coercive controlling father.

Speaking to Digital Spy and other press outlets, Wilcox stated that Elaine's ordeal with Geoff was "lonely", yet she feels safe and comfortable living on the Cobbles, which makes her vulnerable to Stephen's lies.

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"Finding Tim again and finding herself with family around for the first time, she's feeling very safe and Coronation Street is such a great community," Wilcox said. "You walk out of the door and there's nearly always somebody going past there who you say hello to, and there's always quite a bit of gossip and stuff. She's got to know Yasmeen pretty well and made some pretty good friends.

"So I think she's got a real sense of security and wellbeing in the Street and the idea of Stephen is so attractive because she's lonely and he's very presentable as a partner, isn't he? He's well taken care of, he looks smart, he's intelligent and he seems to be a very gentle, kind person.

"So I think she's just fallen hook, line and sinker and is just very focused on this marriage business and sharing with somebody and filling the last years in a really happy way. I think she's just become a bit focused on that."

The actress added that Elaine sees her marriage to Stephen as "an escape from her previous life," stating: "It's very confusing, particularly for somebody who's probably been very shy of close relationships because of what happened with Geoff.

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"I think it's made her a bit like a terrier, not wanting to let go, having found someone who seems to care about her. Yes, she's now seeing that he has faults, but despite that, at this stage she's still very much clinging onto the idea of him as she first knew him."

Of course, this won't last, and Elaine will uncover some of Stephen's lies as soon as next week.

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