Coronation Street's romantic story for Ryan and Daisy begins

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Daisy Midgeley and Ryan Connor realise they're developing a romantic connection next week as Daisy continues her efforts to lift his spirits.

Daisy prepares to meet Daniel Osbourne for lunch but pops round to see Ryan first. Disappointed to learn that Daisy has other plans, Ryan spends the afternoon alone.

Ryan is overcome by a wave of pain and turns to Crystal for help but is still unaware that the messages from 'Crystal' are actually being sent by Daisy.

daisy midgeley, ryan connor , coronation street

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Daisy has recently been impersonating the Ibiza rep in order to provide Ryan with something positive to focus on in the aftermath of his horrific acid attack.

Daisy tries to ignore Ryan's call, but when he tries to contact her a second time, Daniel insists she call Ryan back. Unbeknownst to Daniel, she texts Ryan pretending to be Crystal.

Later in the week, Daisy grows concerned about her secret identity. She confirms to Daniel that she's going to take a step back from helping Ryan, but when she visits him she is frustrated to learn that he intends to send Crystal another message.

daisy midgeley, ryan connor , coronation street

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Determined to put an end to things, Daisy replies to the text as Crystal and does her best to put Ryan off by rudely dismissing his tastes in music.

Unfortunately, her plan backfires when Ryan leaves her a voicemail and reveals he's booked a ticket to visit her in Ibiza.

When Daisy intervenes and advises Ryan against flying to Ibiza to track down Crystal, he questions how she knew his plans, but buys her lie that she saw him looking at flights.

ryan connor, coronation street

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In a bid to make him forget about his reliance on Crystal, Daisy insists it's time Ryan faced the world and accompanies him on a walk.

After their walk, Ryan joins Daisy for a drink in The Rovers and thanks Daisy for making him face his demons. As Daisy and Ryan lock eyes, it becomes very clear that there's a romantic spark between the pair.

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