Coronation Street's Roy Cropper makes a sad decision over Carla Barlow

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Roy Cropper has decided to end his friendship with Carla Barlow in Coronation Street.

Monday's (April 29) episode saw Roy continue to struggle after learning that Carla's nephew Bobby Crawford had given him a false alibi in his recent police interview.

Roy has been charged with Lauren Bolton's murder, but questions remain over whether she's actually dead since police haven't been able to recover a body.

Carla was dodging phone calls from Roy in the latest instalment, while trying to keep his niece Nina from figuring out there was a rift between them.

In his prison cell, Roy was seemingly getting closer to the truth as he had a memory of Lauren approaching the counter at Roy's Rolls.

roy and carla in coronation street

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However, his train of thought was interrupted by a guard suddenly entering the cell and Roy lost track of the memory before he could piece together its significance.

Back in Weatherfield, Bobby suggested to Carla that Roy must have decided to keep quiet about his false police report or the cops would have shown up by now.

Nina went off to visit Roy in prison but was alarmed to find out that he had been taken to hospital after collapsing in his cell.

A worried Carla soon joined Nina in the hospital waiting room when DS Swain showed up, asking to speak with Carla.

DS Swain said that Roy had been asking to speak urgently with Carla before his collapse and questioned whether she had any information on why that was the case.

roy and carla in coronation street

Carla once again played dumb and managed to hold off the DS for the moment, but viewers saw Roy looking worriedly at her in the hospital corridor.

When Carla finally got a chance to visit him, she thanked Roy for not revealing the truth to the police. She wasn't prepared for what Roy had to say in return.

"I'm still not certain that my choice was the correct one," Roy admitted.

Roy reminded Carla that she'd made him complicit in the crime of lying to police, on top of the trouble he was already in over Lauren's disappearance.

"I've no wish for you or Bobby to be punished for what you've done. Nevertheless, your deceit is something I cannot move past," he told her. "I feel very uncomfortable and I'd rather you didn't visit me again.

"In fact, as far as I'm concerned, this is the end of our friendship."

Is their long friendship really over?

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