Coronation Street's Sam to be drawn into cult storyline

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Sam Blakeman feels the pressure to take an interest in 'The Institute' next week.

The Weatherfield schoolboy is intrigued as Leanne Battersby continues to promote the supposed benefits of Rowan Cunliffe's techniques.

Recent episodes have seen Leanne become interested in The Institute after crossing paths with Rowan at the Chariot Square Hotel.

Leanne has since started trying the "reality coding" method that Rowan promotes, but her sister Toyah and partner Nick have both expressed concerns that Rowan is taking large sums of money from her in return for his teachings.

leanne battersby, rowan, coronation street

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Next week, Leanne doubles down on her new beliefs despite Toyah and Nick's concerns.

As business at the Bistro is improving, Leanne boldly tells Toyah and Nick that they have her "reality coding" to thank.

Later, a couple calls at the restaurant with their daughter Anwen. Sam is pleased when Anwen agrees to play chess with him.

Leanne and Nick enjoy seeing Sam make a new friend, but Leanne once again credits "reality coding" for this welcome turn of events.

sam blakeman, coronation street
sam, anwen, coronation street

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Sam isn't convinced by this but when he sees Leanne's enthusiasm, he agrees to read up about The Institute to find out more.

Will Sam be swayed by Rowan's claims or will he upset Leanne by joining the list of sceptics?

Ben Price, who plays Nick, recently explained: "I don't think Nick's there to stop Leanne from leading her life. Leanne's stronger than Nick and she'll tell Nick exactly what she thinks. Most of the women in Nick's life are very strong – they have very strong views about the way they want to do things.

"Usually Leanne is very good at stepping back and going: 'I see what's going on. I see I'm being played, I see what the situation is'. But she's not with this. She's convincing herself into this and she becomes fully invested.

"I think that's the issue for Nick. He says: 'You're more cynical than me, Leanne. You're not being very cynical about this man'."

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