Coronation Street's Sarah panics after nearly cheating on Adam

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

In tonight's (March 20) Coronation Street, Sarah came close to cheating on husband Adam with drug dealer Damon.

The episode opened with Sarah sharing her excitement with her brother Nick over a planned night away in a fancy hotel with Adam.

Nick was later shocked to discover that Adam would be representing Damon – the man who has been making his life hell.

He immediately went to the pub to confront his brother-in-law about representing Damon. Needless to say, Sarah was also not amused about her husband’s choice of client.

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"He's dangerous," Sarah informed Adam.

"He’s just a client, it's nothing personal," Adam insisted. To which Sarah replied, "Nick’s my brother, it couldn’t be MORE personal."

Feeling angry, she informed Adam that she’d be going to the hotel alone.

At the hotel, Sarah found herself sitting at the bar with Damon. But as she had never met him before, she was unaware of who he was. She confided in him about Adam and the romantic night they were supposed to be having, mentioning that there were roses and champagne in her room.

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After some flirty banter, Damon made his move, telling Sarah: "I just thought… be a shame to waste that Champagne in your room..."

Against her better judgement, Sarah invited him to share the Champagne with her. But after reading a card from Adam that said, "To the most wonderful mother and wife. I love you Sarah," she felt guilty and asked Damon to leave. Before heading back downstairs, he wrote his phone number down, should she change her mind.

sarah barlow, damon, coronation street

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After not being able to get hold of his wife on the phone, Adam decided to head to the hotel to try make up with his wife. Upon entering the hotel, he bumped into Damon. Adam took that opportunity to tell him that he wouldn't be able to take him on as a client after all.

At that moment, Sarah walked into the bar and was horrified to discover who'd she'd nearly cheated on Adam with.

"I don't know if you know, but Sarah is Nick's sister, so it's probably not the best idea for us to have a little get-together, considering the circumstances," Adam informed Damon.

"You're the bloke who landed Nick in all that trouble? You're the drug dealer?" Sarah demanded to know.

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When Damon suggested that Sarah was the reason Adam wouldn't represent him any more, Sarah insisted that Adam was free to represent who he wanted. "Even people like you," she said, leading Adam to backtrack and accept Damon as a client.

Later, she called Damon and arranged to meet him, where she told him to stay away from her. "I would never have had anything to do with you if I had known who you were," she told him. But Damon only smiled when she insisted nothing would ever happen between them. Is this really the end or will Sarah be tempted by him again in the future?

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