Coronation Street's Sarah to be targeted in murder plan

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Tina O'Brien has revealed that her character Sarah Barlow will be in terrible danger again next month.

Sarah finds herself in the firing line as her estranged husband Adam's recent scheming with Harvey Gaskell starts to backfire badly.

Adam recently tried to strike a deal with Harvey, promising to help him launch an appeal against his conviction for Natasha Blakeman's murder.

The lawyer made the offer because he's jealous over Sarah's relationship with Harvey's half-brother Damon Hay. After promising to get Harvey free, Adam wanted him to repay the favour by getting Damon out of Weatherfield for good.

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Speaking about the new storyline, Tina explained: "I think Sarah would be really shocked if she knew what Adam was doing.

"She knows that Adam doesn't like Damon but something like that could threaten his career. He could lose everything and I don't think she'd believe he could behave like that."

Scenes airing in early March see Adam finally sign divorce papers as he and Sarah prepare to make a clean break.

Much to Sarah's surprise, Adam soon changes his mind – telling her that he still loves her and wants them to try again.

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Tina continued: "It's a massive mix of emotions when Adam says this. Secretly deep down I think she might be having doubts herself – not because she hasn't got feelings for Damon, I just think she's just got such a strong connection with both of them.

"She's really conflicted because she's aware that yes she still loves Adam, but so much has happened that she's not sure they can ever come back from it.

"She's not sure they can ever repair what they did to each other, how they treated each other, so although she still has feelings for him she doesn't think this is ever going to work. She's scared of what it all means and she just doesn't want to hear it, so she runs out."

sarah barlow, adam barlow, coronation street

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As Sarah rushes out of the flat, a car comes speeding towards her and her daughter Bethany Platt.

The frightening incident is connected to Adam's dangerous deal with Harvey. The full circumstances behind the plan will be revealed in the next couple of weeks.

Tina added: "Sarah should be scared – she's got her back to the car so she doesn't see it coming but it's flying towards her. As a viewer, knowing what Adam's got himself involved in, you know this driver is coming right for her."

Coronation Street airs these scenes on Monday, March 4.

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