Coronation Street's Stephen Reid is blackmailed over Carla secret

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's feud between Stephen Reid and Carla Barlow has taken a turn tonight (March 15), as his continued spiking gets discovered and some blackmailing ensues.

The latest episode opened with Stephen and Carla having a tense confrontation in the street before some potential American distributors arrived for an important meeting. The pair took that antagonistic energy into the meeting, with Carla ordering Stephen to go make tea and biscuits.

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Stephen dosed her tea with LSD yet again. At the end of the meeting, Carla started to stare blankly into space and ramble incoherently.

Stephen used the opportunity to make it look like Carla's mental health was slipping again and to big himself up to the factory workers. Still under the influence of LSD, Carla ordered everyone to leave, and Stephen could barely contain how smug he felt.

Following a further incident in the street where Peter had to help Carla up off the floor, Stephen was approached by Rufus, the dodgy businessman he stole the LSD from in the first place.

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rufus , coronation street

Rufus realised exactly what was going on, correctly accusing Stephen of drugging Carla in order to try and usurp her as boss of the factory.

"Maybe I should speak to Carla, tell her the story so far. How you took some off me, and now she's on the magic roundabout. Maybe she'll laugh at me, maybe she'll tell me I've got it all wrong," Rufus threatened.

"What a thrill it is knowing I've cracked the case wide open. I could tell her, or tell the police, or tell her husband."

After the ordeal with the sex worker overdosing in the hotel room Rufus and Stephen were previously at, Rufus's wife has left him. He's got nothing for Stephen to fight back with, leaving Stephen open to being blackmailed in order for Rufus to keep his secret.

carla barlow , coronation street

Will Stephen's plan continue as is, will Rufus expose him or will someone else work out what's going on? And will Stephen kill again?

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