Coronation Street's Stephen scores another victory over Carla

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Stephen Reid has scored another victory over Carla Barlow in Coronation Street.

The villain has already pushed Carla out of her own job running the factory by making her think she's been having another mental health episode, when he was actually spiking her coffee with LSD.

In Monday's episode (February 27), Stephen continued to betray Carla by trying to rally the factory workers against her coming back to work with a vote of no confidence.

"Follow my lead and back me up," he ordered Sarah.

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The schemer was then disappointed to see everyone, including Sarah, voted against him trying to push Carla out, with Faye going so far as to text Carla about the scheme.

The day went from bad to worse for Stephen after he was insulted by Dick Havisham when Carla revealed she knew about his plan to take control.

Stephen was left humiliated when Carla sacked him from his administrative role at the factory for trying to oust her. The pressure mounted as Elaine revealed she couldn't afford to move into fancy new flats and asked if Stephen wanted to buy a flat with her.

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Stephen then offered to move in with her as roommates, before placing a mysterious phone call.

Later, Carla had no choice but to back down on the sacking when she revealed fabric buyer Rufus would only agree to deal with Stephen on his orders.

Stephen was delighted when Carla was forced to invite back to the factory, now in a senior management role overseeing Rufus's account.

The stage has been set for a bigger showdown between the two factory rivals, yet Stephen will quite literally get a dose of his own medicine when he accidentally spikes himself with LSD later this week.

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