Coronation Street's Tina O'Brien "really worried" over Sarah and Damon's future

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Tina O'Brien has warned that her character Sarah Barlow's new romance storyline may not have a happy ending.

Sarah reunited with bad boy Damon Hay at the start of the year, leaving her estranged husband Adam jealous as he feared that he'd missed out on his own chance of a reconciliation with her.

Speaking in a new interview about Sarah's relationship, Tina admitted: "She's moving very fast. If I was her friend I'd be having strong words with her.

"She's very impulsive. She thinks the feelings are love but maybe it's more that she's swept up in the romance and the lust. So definitely I'm concerned for her."

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She continued: "Sarah does tend to go for a bad boy but I can totally understand why she likes Damon. I think they just get each other and they click really easily so it's very easy for her to think: 'This is it, this is forever'.

"Also Damon's not messing her around – he's saying: 'I only want you, I want to be with you, I want to make this work'. I think she likes that as well.

"Although Damon is a bad boy, he's not picking her up and dropping her, he's all for her. It has been very quick but also it's not their first time, if that makes sense. I feel they've hit the ground running because they've had this previous time together.

"Sarah is totally thinking Damon has changed. It's a case of: 'He's told me this, so therefore he is'."

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Asked whether she's concerned over Sarah's current romance, Tina replied: "Yes I am, I'm really worried. I do truly believe that Damon's got her best interests at heart.

"I believe he means what he says to her, but unfortunately with the life he's led and the people that he knows, the temptations to get involved in something dodgy could be too great."

Scenes airing in early March see Adam lay his heart on the line as he tells Sarah that he wants to call off their divorce.

Adam admits that he wants Sarah back, but it's unclear whether she'll be willing to give up on Damon so easily.

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Tina added: "On New Year's Eve, Sarah ended up so nearly getting back with Adam.

"I think there is still something there and if Adam had said they could give it another chance after their last disastrous break-up, I think she would have made the marriage work.

"But the fact that Adam made it so clear it was over made her step away. I do think she still has feelings for him though, but maybe she's lying to herself.

"I loved the 'will they/won't they?' elements of the story with Adam. I think sometimes that's almost more powerful – two people who should probably be together but the universe has got in their way and they've never been able to resolve that.

"I like that unspoken love, that they might go off in their different directions but there'll always be that pull, kind of like she was for a long time with Gary too."

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