Coronation Street's Toyah tricked in 'motorbike crash' scam

The following article references the loss of a child.

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Toyah Battersby has been blackmailed by Leanne Battersby's cult in Coronation Street.

Earlier this week, Toyah shared a kiss with her brother-in-law Nick Tilsley after Leanne walked out on the family temporarily to stay with Rowan Cunliffe's shady group The Institute.

In Wednesday's (June 12) episode on ITV1 and streaming service ITVX, Leanne returned home but was questioned about the nature of her relationship with Rowan.

Leanne insisted she would never be unfaithful to Nick, making him feel more guilty for kissing Toyah. Nick and Toyah eventually agreed their kiss was a mistake.

However, Nick and Toyah were soon left furious when Leanne walked out on a busy lunch service at the bistro because Rowan turned up with something to show her.

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Rowan took Leanne to a hotel restaurant, where he was joined by The Institute's CEO Willow to announce that Leanne would soon be allowed to recruit new members to the group.

Meanwhile, Toyah was preparing for a court appearance in her legal case against The Institute when she received a phone call saying that Leanne had been injured in a motorbike crash.

Toyah rushed to Weatherfield General but was confused to see that there was no record of Leanne being injured or checked in at the hospital.

Viewers soon realised this was a scam by The Institute, as Leanne had been convinced to attend the court hearing at Rowan's side at the same time.

This latest scheme from Rowan caused a tremendous financial burden for Toyah, as the judge granted The Institute an injunction and ordered her to pay £15,000 in court fees for being late to the hearing.

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Following the hearing, Rowan offered to make a deal with Toyah — The Institute would drop the case against her provided she signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and never publicly criticised the group again.

"Our intention was never to make you suffer," Rowan insisted.

Throughout this dramatic day, Toyah had noticed a sinister man watching her from his car — and the individual had showed up once again as she weighed Rowan's offer.

Toyah approached the car to ask why the man was following her, only for the driver to speed off without offering her any answers.

"It's them, they're trying to intimidate me," Toyah realised. "I don't know how much more of this I can take… It's worked. I am done now. I'll sign their rotten NDA."

Is Toyah going to give up her fight against The Institute?

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