Coronavirus: ITV halts production on 'Coronation Street' and 'Emmerdale'

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    That's the sensible thing to do, until the coronavirus is at least under control. However, when Eastenders stopped filming , I didn't understand why it came off air straight away. It's not broadcast live and like all British soaps is filmed about 6 weeks in advance. So I hope Corrie doesn't come off air just yet.
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    So there is a positive...
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    Excellent 1st good news in week....
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    New England Patriot
    No soaps, no football, no sex if you are not living in the same house ... who knows if the internet goes down people might just have to start talking to each other
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    Great Read your Bible instead and be safe in Jesus Name Amen
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    Harvey VVankstain
    My niece used to steal Danny Dyers dinner money .
    He still crosses the road every time he sees her .
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    So there the silver lining eh 😁
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    Can we start an online petition to make this a permanent situation!!
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    great news now lets get rid of corbyn for ever !