Coronavirus: Coronation Street undergoing rewrites after soap star put into isolation

PA Wire/PA Images
PA Wire/PA Images

Coronation Street will undergo rewrites after one of its actors had to be isolated due to the coronavirus.

The news comes after the soap star went on holiday to an affected area.

The isolation period means writers have had to rewrite some scenes, but so far disruption has been “minimal”.

A source told The Mirror: “The actor spoke to health professionals after coming back home.

“They aren’t displaying any symptoms but were advised to self-isolate as a precautionary measure because of where they had been. We film six to eight weeks in advance so there has been room for manoeuvre.

”We’ve only had to write them out of a couple of scenes, while others can be shifted to the future.”

Since the outbreak of the virus a number of TV shows, films and concerts have been cancelled. BBC1’s Celebrity Race Across The World, which involves stars travelling across different countries, is no longer going ahead.

ITV chief Carolyn McCall said that the channel had drawn up a “contingency plan by program genre” but “haven’t had to change anything on the production side”.

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