Coronavirus: Two-thirds of Britons not planning to travel abroad for the rest of the year

Most British people are not planning holidays abroad this year

More than two-thirds of Britons are not planning international travel for the rest of the year, according to a YouGov poll commissioned by Sky News.

The survey of 2,412 adults revealed that the majority of British people are not intending to go abroad anytime soon, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt travel plans.

The poll found 68% of people are not planning international travel in the next six months, while only 16% are still intending to travel and the remaining 16% are unsure.

The poll also revealed that young people were the most likely to still be considering foreign travel.

Among people aged 65 and over, 75% said they were definitely not planning to travel before December.

But only 60% of people aged 18 to 24, and 65% of people aged 25 to 49, said they had ruled out international travel in the same period.

People living in London were also more likely to still be planning to travel than those in other regions.

In the capital, 26% of people said they were still planning to travel abroad in the next six months.

That number fell to 19% of people in the rest of the south of England, 15% of people in Scotland, 13% of people in the north of England, and only 12% of people in the Midlands and Wales.

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When it came to methods of international travel, people felt trains were the safest type of public transport.

Forty-nine percent of people said they would feel safe travelling by train, while 47% said they would feel safe travelling by ferry.

Only 42% of people said they would feel safe travelling by plane - illustrating the scale of the struggle currently facing the aviation industry.

Planes were also the means of transport that the largest number of people said they would feel unsafe taking.

Forty percent of people said they would now feel unsafe travelling by plane, while only 31% of people were worried about travelling on trains or ferries.

The decision by the government to introduce a mandatory 14-day quarantine for people arriving in the UK also appeared to have had a big impact on people's plans.

Only 11% of people said they would go on holiday abroad if they were required to quarantine for two weeks on arrival at their destination or on their return to the UK.

The majority, 77%, said they would not go on a foreign holiday while such measures were in place.