Corrections and clarifications

• An article (Dutch first editions of book naming UK royals in race row selling for £150, 2 December, p15) referred to the book Endgame being discussed on Dutch TV by “Jeroen van der Boom, a presenter on RTV Boulevard”. The show is called RTL Boulevard, and it was Jeroen Snel – a journalist and royal expert on the chatshow – who was appearing. The latter error arose because RTL’s on-screen graphics misidentified Snel as Van der Boom, a Dutch singer.

• A Weekend crossword clue asked for “Ivan ….., Wimbledon champion and coach of Andy Murray (5)”. The intended answer was “Lendl”, who never won Wimbledon (25 November, Saturday magazine, p102). And the clue for 21 and 17 across should have referred to the runners-up of the men’s Rugby World Cup in 2023, not the winners as we said.

• Other recently amended articles include:

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