Corrie fans moan 'I could write this' as Toyah's health bombshell revealed

Toyah on Corrie
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Coronation Street has finally revealed the truth about Toyah Habeeb's recent troubles, leaving viewers somewhat underwhelmed.

In recent episodes, Georgia Taylor's character, Toyah, has been through a whirlwind of drama. Her sister Leanne Battersby, portrayed by Jane Danson, has become entangled with a dubious "self-improvement group" called The Institute, which is run by the enigmatic Rowan Cunliffe, played by Emhrys Cooper.

Adding to her woes, earlier in the year, it came to light that Toyah had given birth at the age of 19, but tragically, the baby was stillborn. In her grief, she buried the infant on the red rec.

After confessing her secret to Leanne and Nick Tilsley (Ben Price), Toyah found herself in hot water when an anonymous tip-off led the police to discover the remains of her baby, Rose.

Although she was eventually released without charge, it was heavily implied that Rowan was behind the call to the authorities. Moreover, Toyah has been concealing her clandestine romance with Nick from Leanne, reports the Express.

The plot thickened in Weatherfield on Wednesday (July 3) as Toyah was taken to hospital in an emergency and received unexpected news: she was pregnant.

The revelation left Toyah reeling and Nick equally stunned. However, fans were quick to express their predictions and frustrations on social media platform X, previously known as Twitter.

One viewer commented: "Chuffing 'eck! I could write this! Knew that Toyah would be pregnant! And of course she'll keep it because that's all that she's ever wanted."

Another viewer chimed in: "I thought this the moment they slept together."

A third fan expressed their frustration, writing: "So I said I liked Nick and Toyah and you gave them a baby! ? A baby doesn't even make sense toyah couldn't get pregnant I swear ARGHH Corrie you ruin everything."

Toyah Habeeb gets news in hospital in Coronation Street
Toyah Habeeb gets news in hospital in Coronation Street

Other fans highlighted a potential plot hole, noting that Toyah has previously been portrayed as unable to conceive. On a Reddit thread, one person vented: "I hate this. Toyah's story for the longest time has been her inability to have a child. This would ruin that."

Another disgruntled viewer added: "I am so f****** sick of the 'barren woman eventually falls pregnant to an affair partner' trope, Christ it wasn't that long ago the exact same happened to Leanne and even that wasn't enough hysterical female misery, they had to kill the kid off."

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